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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to working with trees, having the right experience and expertise has no replacement. At Brothers Tree Service and Landscape Corp., we have made sure that all our approaches are fine-tuned. The tree removal process that we undertake is safe and adjusted to the landscape as well as the dimensions of the tree itself. We are more than capable of getting the job done with ease and precision that is genuinely unmatched across Weymouth, MA.

When does a tree need to be removed?

The only time a tree needs to be removed from a given landscape is under very particular circumstances. These include if there are visible verticle cracks, seams, or signs of decay or disease. If neglected, infected trees can lead to the entire landscape getting infected, and ones that are no longer structurally sound will not be able to safely withstand the forces of nature, always being at risk of falling. Hiring a trusted tree company is the right choice to make for the safe removal of trees.

What are the benefits of trimming trees?

The process of tree trimming promotes better growth patterns, removes diseases or injured parts of plants, controls rogue growth, and even encourages flower and fruit production. It helps property owners get the precise dimensions and visual appeal from their trees while also helping the trees to rejuvenate and thrive.

How experienced are you?

As experts who offer land clearing, we have been serving our community with all things tree care-related and other general services for the better part of six years. We continue to evolve our approaches and never fail to impress our customers with our work ethic and dedication to our craft. Our training, work ethic, and attention to detail are all factors that are second to none.

Is stump grinding necessary?

Yes. The process of grinding helps extract stumps that might have been left behind after a tree was removed from the landscape. These stumps, if neglected, can become a home for pests and critters and even lead to infections spreading. Hiring a truly reliable and affordable tree stump grinding service can simplify this entire process and make the landscape a lot safer.

How expensive is landscaping?

The overall costs affiliated with landscaping are entirely dependent on the dimensions of the landscape itself as well as the expectations of the customers. If property owners are looking to get comprehensive work done throughout their landscape, the cost will be more than just getting regular maintenance and upkeep done.

As a highly reliable and skilled tree company, we are confident that any customers who read this entire page will be confident about hiring us. We are also here to address any further requirements and resolve tailored queries. Clients can reach out to Brothers Tree Service and Landscape Corp. at (781) 214-8827. We will be more than happy to help with more details. Our approaches are second to none across the entire Weymouth, MA area.

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